At every level—global, federal, state and local—government agencies need efficient, cost-effective, and powerful ways to train and inform employees and constituents. They also need to be able to measure and track stakeholders’ learning progress and outcomes.

Monarch Media has developed sophisticated, easy-to-use learning management systems (LMS) for government agencies that offer registrant account management, assessment, certification, communications tools—including email management and discussion boards, and advanced reporting capabilities.

We’ve also produced state-of-the-art, scenario-based online training programs for these agencies that feature highly interactive, media-rich environments.

Monarch Media’s government services include:

  • Learning systems design and development

    From city departments to federal agencies, our team will design a learning platform that hosts your trainings, tracks learners’ progress, and provides you the reporting and analytics you need to measure results.

  • Course authoring and development

    We’ll help you create eLearning courses that train your staff or constituents in the skills and behaviors they need.

  • Multimedia, learning simulations, and gaming

    Simulations, learning games, and multimedia are a great way to help learners. Our experts will help you create effective, interactive learning experiences.

  • Educational websites

    If you need a website to provide resources and information to your stakeholders, we’ll build one that focuses on the user and their goals.

  • Mobile development

    Our mobile learning experts will help you reach your learners on the smart phones and tablets they carry with them everywhere. We make mobile a key component of learning.

U.S. General Services Administration

U.S. General Services Administration

    • Contract #: GS-00F-232CA (00CORP – MOBIS/AIMS)

Capabilities Statement

DUNS: 045758203

CAGE Code: 1VBQ4

Certified Small Business


    • Primary: 611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
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