Few industries require as great a commitment to training as health care. Whether you’re part of a hospital that needs to provide training for staff for continuing education or a pharmaceutical company that needs to train your sales staff and customers about your newest products, online training is a critical tool.

Monarch Media creates award-winning online training solutions and products for health care clients, including easy-to-use learning management systems and just-in-time mobile training tools. We also create interactive, media-rich courses that effectively tackle the teaching of sensitive subjects through audio, video, and animation.

Monarch Media’s services for health care clients include:

  • Learning systems design and development

    Our team has experience developing award-winning learning systems that target health care workers.

  • Course authoring and development

    Training and continuing education are vital for health care professionals. We can help you develop custom courses that help your staff or customers master new skills and behaviors.

  • Mobile development

    Mobile devices are playing key roles in health care. Our team can help you make them a key component of your training programs, too.

  • Learning object development

    From simulations to behavior modeling, we can help create digital learning objects that can be used in different training situations.