To fulfill their missions and meet their goals, nonprofits and NGOs need to inform and educate their employees, volunteers, funders, clients, and other stakeholders about their projects and initiatives. We help nonprofits find creative training and outreach solutions, so they can focus on what they do best: serving their constituents.

Do you need a Web-based training course, an online community or a mobile-friendly multimedia presentation? Monarch Media can help you develop an effective solution that achieves your objectives. Our team has built portals, websites, courses, and digital publications for nonprofits that leverage open-source content management systems like WordPress, and feature educational games and scenario-based training.

The services we offer to NGO clients include:


    If you need an online course that can reach your staff or clients anytime and anywhere, our team can provide instructional designers, subject matter experts, programmers, and multimedia developers to create engaging, effective, and interactive eLearning.


    We specialize in implementing and customizing open-source learning and content management systems, such as Moodle, Drupal, and WordPress. We’ll help you set up the platform you need to deliver and track learning and analyze the results.


    Research shows that people learn and remember new skills and behaviors best when they’re modeled and taught in an engaging manner. Our multimedia team can help you create simulations, learning games, and presentations that will make eLearning effective for your stakeholders.


    The smart phones and tablets we carry with us everywhere can be an important component of your organization’s learning initiative. The mobile tools we can create—like just-in-time mobile training videos or photo sharing apps—can help you deepen the learning experience for your students.