Our Team

Serious MMcConville
Megan McConville

With open eyes and fully engaged, Megan took to the horizon and moved to Santa Cruz in 1991 from Pennsylvania. Her experience working with various local companies over the years allows her to help guide the business to success and have some fun along the way. A true team player, she takes on a challenge without hesitation. If there is will, there is a way. Let’s Find It!

Serious RBergland
Rich Bergland

Rich is a graphic designer and web developer who specializing in user interfaces and branding. He creates memorable, user-friendly web sites, vivid identities, and high-impact print collateral for all types of businesses and personalities. His west–coast inspired design is produced with great attention to detail, inventive color palette, expressive typography and clear communication. He holds degrees in Design and Biology.

Goeff New
Geoffrey Montague

As a child, Geoff was the kid who was always tinkering with technology, taking things apart to see if he could put them back together. That curiosity has transformed into Geoff’s passion for IT, and today he continues to experiment with new products and services to find innovative solutions for the team.

Vanessa New
Vanessa Cordeiro

A calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge, Vanessa applies critical thinking techniques to tackle all problems in her work and life. Born in Santa Cruz, and raised in Watsonville, Vanessa has contributed to local communities through her passion for education.

Nicki New
Nicki Nelson

Nicki has been with Monarch Media for seven years, managing eLearning, multimedia and educational game projects for a variety of clients, including the University of Texas, Stanford University, the American Farm Bureau, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Corrina New
Corrina Dilloughery

Corrina was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. With an education at San Jose State along with 25 years of work experience with high-tech companies, Corrina has helped shape the Silicon Valley.

Chris New
Chris Bush

Chris has built a career out of his passion for making technology understandable and usable. He started out as a magazine production editor in the early days of the desktop publishing revolution and moved from there into the wild world of the Web.

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