Serious MMcConville
Megan McConville

With open eyes and fully engaged, Megan took to the horizon and moved to Santa Cruz in 1991 from Pennsylvania. Her experience working with various local companies over the years allows her to help guide the business to success and have some fun along the way. A true team player, she takes on a challenge without hesitation. If there is will, there is a way. Let’s Find It!

Serious RBergland
Rich Bergland

Rich is a graphic designer and web developer who specializing in user interfaces and branding. He creates memorable, user-friendly web sites, vivid identities, and high-impact print collateral for all types of businesses and personalities. His west–coast inspired design is produced with great attention to detail, inventive color palette, expressive typography and clear communication. He holds degrees in Design and Biology.

Icon Nonprofit

Nonprofits and NGOs have important missions and goals. Keeping key stakeholders, funders, employees, volunteers, and clients aware of their projects and initiatives is critical for on-going support.

Icon Agriculture

We create partnerships with uniquely positioned organizations within vertical markets, such as Agriculture.

Icon Government

Global, federal, state and local government agencies need efficient, cost-effective, and measureable ways to train employees and constituents.

Icon Course Training

Competition is fierce. Companies with strong learning organizations succeed. We empower organizations to improve compliance, employee performance, and customer knowledge with tailored training solutions that empower smart decision-making, measure results, and maximize ROI.

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