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5 Keys to Creating a Thriving Digital Learning Community

Educators and researchers agree that people learn best when they’re part of a group. Online communities give learners the opportunity to collaboratively gain knowledge, foster creativity, and achieve progress in a virtual environment.

But learners will only benefit if you design and manage your learning community carefully. We've developed a checklist of five keys to make your community a success.

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How to Build a Successful Learning Community
Lessons from Pepnet2

Sparking learners’ motivation is one of the hardest things to do in online education. How do you engage individuals sitting alone at a computer? How do you get them to tackle new information and challenges? Pepnet2, a leading provider of training resources that increase education and career choices for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, boosted learners' motivation by immersing them in online communities of practice.

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The Value of Community

Learning communities give students the opportunity to discuss topics, share their viewpoints, exchange opinions, and give and receive feedback. These interactions allow for give-and-take. At their best, these online communities deliver real value that impacts learning outcomes.

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Wolters-Kluwer Wins Book of the Year Award 2015 for Course Developed by Monarch Media
The American Journal of Nursing has awarded Wolters-Kluwer the 2015 Book of the Year award in the Electronic Media category for its Transcultural Nursing: RN to BSN course, which was developed by Monarch Media. To learn more, please read the press release.

Monarch Media at Educause
Monarch Media's CEO Chris Bush will be attending the Educause Annual Conference from Oct. 26-28. To schedule a meeting, please email

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