Devta Kidd

Devta Kidd
Devta Kidd

Devta Kidd

Advisor, GroupMind Products

Devta is a secret agent at heart. Her interest and passion for relationship management and language allow her to search underneath what is said to find the hidden intention or strategy.

As Managing Director, Devta leads the product development and customer relations for the GroupMind product. Her sleuthing skillset is invaluable to clients and teammates alike in helping them articulate their needs.

Devta has worked in organization effectiveness and process improvement for companies ranging from the very small to the very large in the fields of government, technology, and healthcare. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language and Culture from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and a Master’s of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University.

Interests & Hobbies: Public speaking, writing, yoga, singing, chanting, watching TED Talks (with a TED crush on Simon Sinek)

Skills: Strategy Development, Relationship Management, Connective Communication, Organization Development, Continuous Process Improvement, and the “people side” of Change Management

Meet Our Team

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Devta Kidd
Advisor, GroupMind Products
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We’ve worked with other eLearning vendors and Monarch has consistently been among the best. Their expertise and approach to online training and support make them a pleasure to work with on a variety of projects.

R.F., Director of Educational Innovation
ETR Associates

We highly appreciate the professionalism and work ethic of the Monarch Media team. They demonstrated uniquely high level of commitment to quality and excellent responsiveness to suggestions and recommendations.

A.H., Sr. Agriculture Economist
World Bank Group

The timeliness of all communication, deliverables, and other requirements was exceptional. The team consistently completed all tasks on or ahead of schedule and were eager to receive feedback. . . . To be quite honest, Monarch Media’s project management is the best we have ever seen and as an organization, we learned a great deal from their team in this area.

R.P., Director
Guardians of Honor

Monarch Media was instrumental in helping us choose appropriate platforms and structures for our various eLearning activities. . . . It has been a pleasure working with Monarch Media staff over the past five years. They helped us to accomplish many of the goals for our project and create many highly effective training opportunities for our stakeholders.

C.M., Director
California State University

Monarch is really easy to work with. Everyone is easy to get ahold of. If we need updates or upgrades, we’ll get a timely answer. Nicki has been great. We really enjoy working with her. She’s on the ball, easy to understand and answers to the point. She’s fantastic!

J.E., Tobacco Program Coordinator
Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

What makes Monarch different? Personal touch, personalities. The project managers are willing to listen to concerns, and propose workable solutions.

L.B., Special Projects Manager
Children’s Learning Institute, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

The Monarch project managers came out and sat through our full live course. They gave valuable perspective toward how we needed to approach it for the online version. With their help, the material became more user-friendly.

M.O., Forensic Scientist V
Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory

I loved working with Monarch Media. They are easy to work with. They are professional, competent, responsive, organized, and dependable. They do amazing work. They invested in understanding what we needed and delivered on their promise. I highly recommend them.

H.J., Associate Division Director
Division of Applied Social Sciences at University of Missouri

They have an excellent attitude in approaching every project. They bring a great deal of experience and technical resources to bear on projects. They are flexible when needed, and constantly check in on how they are performing. Monarch Media is a fantastic partner.

J.J., Associate Director
Instructional Media, Stanford Graduate School of Business