Cengage Replaces Flash-Based Learning Objects with Modules Built in HTML5 for Greater Accessibility

Cengage Learning’s Criminal Justice modules are designed to teach students situational crime prevention, a theory of criminology that attempts to reduce the opportunity for crimes to be committed. The goal is for students to understand the basics of situational crime prevention upon completing the learning modules.

Cengage decided to update the modules because they were coded in Flash, a technology that isn’t compatible with some mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Flash also can create problems with passing data through to learning management systems. Finally, Cengage wanted to update the design and layout of the modules to make them more attractive and user friendly.

Monarch Media developed a modernized version of the learning objects in HTML5 to play on both Flash- and non-Flash compatible browsers effortlessly. Media queries allow the styles and layouts to adjust to fit the width and height of the screen of the desktop computer or mobile device, making the course clear and easy.


November 15, 2012