Harassment Training: Check-The-Box or Change Management?

Over the last year, the #MeToo Movement has brought workplace harassment into mainstream awareness in a whole new way. And yet, many companies still address harassment education with compulsory check-the-box trainings.

As eLearning professionals this drives us crazy! For over twenty years, Monarch has focused on designing online training that goes beyond imparting knowledge to teach complex interpersonal skills and address a learner’s mindset. Why take a mindless approach, when meaningful change is possible?

Which is why we were so pleased to partner with Accelerate Learning & Development to create their new Harassment Free Culture Training. Accelerate focuses not just on the individual, but also on what it takes to create culture-wide change. Their training uses relevant, realistic scenarios and addresses the subtleties of real-world interactions. You can find out more about their approach to quality harassment training, or see a sample of the Harassment Free Culture Training online.


July 29, 2018