Monarch Features on Top 20 List of Blended Learning Providers

Winning an eLearning Industry award is a great honor, and Monarch Media is proud to receive another award from them. Our second eLearning Industry award in 2019, this time, Monarch secured the 11th spot on the list of Top 20 Content Providers for Blended Learning. Companies that made the list were ranked based on their quality of work, domain expertise, innovative methods, customer ratings, niche specialization and corporate social responsibility.

“Our instructional design team has implemented some very innovative programs that blend online and other types of training into cohesive programs. We strive to be effective and design for each unique learning context. It’s exciting to receive recognition of our work. Thank you to our partners and to eLearning Industry!” — Corrina Dilloughery, Monarch Media Director.

August 27, 2019