Monarch Media Acquires GroupMind

Crowd cheering and watching a band on stage, blinded by stage lights.Monarch Media is pleased to announce its acquisition of the GroupMind Express platform. The GroupMind product line consists of tools and processes that draw on the wisdom of the crowd for culture and leader development, collaborative learning, change management, and more effective planning and decision-making. For the past fifteen years, GroupMind tools have helped companies achieve better results because of greater alignment through collaborative processes.

What does it mean to leverage collective intelligence for higher quality business decisions? Here are some of the ways that the GroupMind tools and processes accomplish that goal:

360 Multi-rater Assessment

Search on the topic of “organization development” and you are bound to get hundreds of articles about the importance of culture. While 360 assessments are not a new concept, what sets the GroupMind 360 Assessment apart is its ability to adapt the question sets used, so that they measure what the culture of the organization truly values. Organizations using the GroupMind 360 Multi-rater Assessment are interested in creating greater awareness of the organization’s cultural values and developing leaders who demonstrate those values. This assessment tool can be used for traditional leader/ employee professional development, multiple interview team ratings for new hires, and to align employee behaviors with organization values.

Crowd Accelerated Individualized Learning (CAIL)

Have you ever understood an article better after reading the online comments to it?

CAIL eLearning methodology uses that same crowd-sourced process for how we learn. CAIL taps into the “wisdom of the crowd” by allowing participants to first reflect on material presented, express their individual ideas, then check in with the rest of their learning cohort on their thoughts and reactions to the material. CAIL lessons are case-based interactive modules that use video and text to deliver content, ask questions to stimulate reflection, and provide a mechanism for viewing and rating the comments of others. CAIL has been used to develop leadership development programs and to both gauge and gain alignment during change initiatives.

Collaborative Planning and Decision Support Tools and Templates

Planning and decision-making processes follow a predictable sequence. The GroupMind Tools and Templates digitize and manage these steps so groups can focus on quality of the input, explore possibilities beyond the first good idea, and gain consensus and alignment before moving to action. Many consultants have digitized their proprietary processes by customizing a sequence of GroupMind Tools. GroupMind Tool combinations have assisted organizations to:

  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Poll and organize information from customer focus groups
  • Perform stakeholder analysis
  • Conduct multi-level strategy planning

For more information about how you can use Monarch Media’s GroupMind to implement collaborative processes that result in greater alignment and higher quality results in your organization, contact .


December 6, 2017