Geoffrey Montague

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Geoffrey Montague, eLearning Product Assistant

As a child, Geoff was the kid who was always tinkering with technology, taking things apart to see if he could put them back together. That curiosity has transformed into Geoff’s passion for IT, and today he continues to experiment with new products and services to find innovative solutions for the team.

As an active member of the Santa Cruz community, Geoff has spent several years as a tutor and teaching assistant at Cabrillo College. He has worked alongside students, professors, and faculty to improve overall experiences for members of the learning community.

Geoff’s work at Monarch combined with his love for learning and teaching has lead to education being a major focus in his life. He contributes to the Monarch team with his dedication to sustaining excellence.

Interests & Hobbies: Programming, hiking, and traveling

Skills: Programming (Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++), Linux/Windows system administration, computer networking, virtualization, Web design and development (HTML5, jQuery, CSS, WordPress), quality assurance, and user testing