Researching Attention Spans

There is plenty of media coverage these days about the erosion of attention spans among kids and adults alike. One famous Microsoft study showed human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2015—blaming the 25% drop on our “digital lifestyles.”

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Estimating Costs for Online Courses

eLearning projects can take many forms, which can make figuring out the cost to create the course seem confusing and mysterious. So how can you understand the factors that influence pricing? When evaluating your potential project, consider the following factors: Seat time, Screens, Interactivity, Audio/Narration, Video.

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Optimize Grant Spending with eLearning

In order to deal with future budget uncertainty at the federal level, companies, state agencies, and colleges who are either applying for, or have been previously awarded federal grants, need to make smart decisions regarding spending. One way to do that is through eLearning.

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Monarch Media Acquires GroupMind

Monarch Media is pleased to announce its acquisition of the GroupMind Express platform. The GroupMind product line consists of tools and processes that draw on the wisdom of the crowd for culture and leader development, collaborative learning, change management, and more effective planning and decision-making. For the past fifteen years, GroupMind tools have helped companies achieve better results because of greater alignment through collaborative processes.

Adult Learning
Tips for Designing Impactful eLearning for Adults

Knowing your audience is critical when developing an online course, program or curriculum. This is especially important when considering adult learners. Over the years, several learning theories have emerged that offer important guidance but no one theory can be applied to all adults.

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