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Monarch Media acquires GroupMind

Monarch Media, Inc., a leading e-learning and training solutions provider is pleased to announce the acquisition of the GroupMind Express platform. The purchase was effective as of July 1, 2017.

Gender Gap Pay
Monarch Media Takes the Equal Pay Pledge

Monarch Media is a proud signatory of the White House Equal Pay Pledge. In an attempt to close the gender-gap pay, this White House initiative has employers committing to conduct annual company-wide gender pay analysis, make efforts to pay men and women fairly, and identify best practices that help ensure wage fairness for all workers.

Open Ideo
Monarch Media Helps Out with OpenIDEO Challenge

As an active follower of innovations in eLearning and social entrepreneurship, Monarch Media Founder, Claire Schneeberger has recently been invited to participate as an evaluator for the OpenIDEO Future of Higher Education Challenge.

The Evolution of TCN
Wolters-Kluwer: Book of the Year Award

We’re proud to congratulate Wolters-Kluwer on their award for one of the best nursing and health care publications of 2015 recently announced in The American Journal of Nursing’s (AJN) annual Book of the Year Awards.

Young Plants
My American Farm: Thrive

Almost all of the food you eat, material for the clothes you wear, and wood for the house you live in is produced by soil. In the latest game from My American Farm, Thrive, students gather information and use important tools to help the soil and water thrive on the farm.

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