7 Simple Ways to Make Your LMS Better

Everyone hates their LMS right? Well you don’t have to! There are many ways you can make your LMS more effective and powerful. Here are a few ideas you can implement in just about any LMS. 1. Dashboards Dashboards are an intuitive way of giving users an overview of the most important information from the […]

How to Prepare for an Online Training Project

How to Prepare for an Online Training Project

You’ve heard about the many benefits of online training and are ready to give it a try. But where should you begin? This toolkit will walk you through the key considerations that will help you get started developing a plan for your online training or course.  


Successful Agile Project Management

The approach you take to managing a project can make it or break it. Agile methods have grown increasingly popular as a proven approach to successful project management. In this toolkit, you’ll find the answers to some common questions we get about how to effectively manage an eLearning project using the Agile approach.