Using Gamification to Achieve Effective eLearning

Planet eLearn Spring 2015 / by Claire Schneeberger, Marie Williams, and Rebekah Jacobson If you’re involved in education—whether in the classroom or in an adult training setting—there’s a good chance you’ve heard the word “gamification.” Gamification has received a lot of attention in recent years as a strategy for applying game playing to learning to […]


Accessibility: Make your online training Section 508 compliant

With 20 percent of adults reporting some form of disability, making your digital learning content accessible is good business sense. In many cases, it’s also required by law. Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that accessibility standards be met for electronic and digital content produced by organizations that receive funding or […]


Monarch Takes Agile Approach to Partnering with Autodesk

Agile is a software development methodology known for allowing ultra-fast turnaround. Monarch Media believes in Agile done right, which means ongoing dialogue with our clients. This approach brings laser focus to the goals at stake, so that development effort can be applied with maximum precision. The flexibility that Agile allows is especially essential when a […]


Education Game-Changers: Three Technologies that Could Transform Learning

By Genevieve Laucher and Melanie Nazareth Education changes societies and impacts people’s lives. Today’s learner is a non-traditional student whose education is shaped by next-generation teaching and learning designs fueled by new technologies. These potentially game-changing innovations offer teachers and trainers new avenues for reaching learners more effectively and at a lower cost. They use […]


RTRworks! Online Teacher Training for a High School Health Curriculum

Research shows that public school teachers who receive skills training for sexual health and safety curriculum are most likely to achieve positive student outcomes. Online training offers low cost, easily accessible, skill-based trainings that are needed to meet the growing training demand of schools. The RTRworks! elearning course models critical skills through relevant and impactful […]