The Value of Community

Based on the premise that group achievements can be much more impactful than individual ones, education and training organizations have been adding learning communities to their programs. These online groups allow peer communities to share their learning experiences. Learning communities give students the opportunity to discuss topics, share their viewpoints, exchange opinions, and give and […]

Learning community

Five Keys to Creating Thriving Learning Communities

Educators and researchers alike agree people learn best when they’re part of a group. Online learning communities give learners the opportunity to collaboratively gain knowledge, foster creativity, and achieve progress in a virtual environment. Based on our experience designing online learning communities for clients like the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Center for Learning […]

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Moving Public Health Training Online

Public health professionals monitor and diagnose the health concerns of entire communities and promote healthy practices and behaviors to ensure populations stay healthy. Thanks to issues ranging from technology to globalization, it’s a truism that today’s public health organizations must adapt to – and embrace – rapid change to sustain healthy communities. One way they […]


Seven Ways LMS Are Changing Public Health

Public health researchers, practitioners, and educators work to promote and protect the health of individuals and their communities. In order to implement the best solutions to reduce the effects of disease and disability, health workers often must be well versed in the most current technology and information. Training and education can be critical components of […]